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Your dreams point the way. Follow them.

Rekindled Dreams

This transformation of mine seems to be a time for rekindled dreams. As mentioned in The Change post, I have been thinking a lot about moving and more specifically, moving to the Pacific Northwest.

What I didn’t mention is that I have wanted to move to the Pacific Northwest since I was about sixteen. I was so determined to move up there that I went so far as to contact the chamber of commerce in the city where I wanted to live and got pamphlets and newspapers. I imagined the day I would load my car and even what music I would play as I drove away from my parent’s house.

Sadly, at forty-two, I have not made it to the Northwest yet. Not even for a visit.

My finding that as-close-to-my-dream-job-as-I’m-likely-to-get listing in Tacoma, Washington rekindled my desire to move there again. Even if I don’t get the job, I’m moving. And this time, I’m not letting life and fear get in the way.

With that plan and my bucket list in mind, I began asking myself how I was going to do it. My bucket list includes visiting all fifty states and some pretty extensive travel, so that was a major consideration.

I first considered flying up there, but that wouldn’t let me mark off any states and I wouldn’t have a car when I got there. So I would have to drive.

I started doing the math; gas, food, and lodging for the trip I really wanted. That trip was three thousand miles and would take me two weeks to get there because I would want to sight see along the way. At least two weeks.

I couldn’t scrimp on gas. No gas, no go. Can’t really save there. Food? Well, I have dietary restrictions thanks to the chemicals our corporate fathers are dumping into food, so I would shop at grocery stores for the most part anyway. That would keep my cost down. On to lodging.

Holy crap, lodging! Even cheap motels push the price of any travel out of the realm of I-can-make-this-happen and into the forget-it-you-need-a-rich-relative realm. I’m fresh out of rich relatives, so what was I to do?

I’ve tried camp out by myself and it didn’t work. I’m an insomniac and have to feel secure to sleep. That is not something that happens when I’m alone in a tent. Then I thought about my previous plans for traveling the United States.

Back in 2008, when I was thinking of taking a really long road trip, I decided to build a teardrop trailer.

The little trailers are essentially a bed on wheels and light enough that they can be pulled by larger cars, which just happens to be what I own. You can shell out ridiculous amounts for a manufactured one, our you can build one yourself like they were originally intended.

I’m a DIYer and a tightwad, so that is the route I went. I determined early that the original design wasn’t going to work for me. The base trailer was too expensive and … well, there were a lot of reasons, the door configuration being only one of them.

So I started looking around and found an old Toyota truck bed trailer that would work for my purpose.

Image of old homemade truck bed trailer.

It ain’t pretty, but it’ll work.

I designed my trailer around my wants and needs. And, because I am a challenge master and a tightwad, I figured out how to make the trailer removable so that I could switch back and forth between the truck bed and the camper. Two trailers, and potentially more, for the licensing fee and tires of one.

Like I said, tightwad.

With the help of friends, I learned to weld and built the base frame for the trailer.

Picture of me in a welding helmet.

Welding helmets make for bad hair days. Also, dress for the work. Slag hurts.

metal frame of the camper.

In progress and upside down.

Metal frame with cooler sitting at back end.

Right side up. The cooler is in the stair leading into the trailer.

Fun times, but then I lost my job.

I was unemployed for way too long and ended up selling the trailer to my friend so I could pay the electric. And as a result the dream sputtered and went out.

Or so I thought. Poking at that old dream, I discovered it isn’t out. There is still an ember, not just in the travel dream, but in the trailer as well.

You see, my friend still owns all of the components and he hasn’t done anything with it. I know he’d sell it back to me so I could finish it. The hard part is done. Now, it’s just the wood working that would need to be completed and I have most of the tools for that.

I dragged out the old plans and have been making a parts and cost list. I think the trailer would still be cheaper than motels for fourteen nights and I would have something to show for the money. If things got tight, I could sell it, too. You can’t do that with a motel room, the owners get peeved when you try.

I have already finished the trailer in my head and on the back of it is painted, “Not all who wander are lost. ~ Tolken” and “Follow me on notcrazyjustnutZ.com.”

My dreams never went out, they just burned low until I was able to get back to them.

How many of your dreams still have some heat in them? Tell me about them on my Facebook page.