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A small brass key with scratches from being run over.

The Key

I made a new friend recently and following some online chats, we decided to take a walk around her neighborhood. The walk covered a little over a mile but took more than three hours.

Yeah, I know. Snails would move faster than that!

In our defense, we weren’t always moving. We stopped for a drink and a long getting-to-know-you conversation in the middle of that walk. So, no. We were not laying our slug snot trails around the neighborhood for three hours and no, I will not apologize for that visual. It made me laugh.

Anyway, my fellow snail is open to different views and has many of the same beliefs I do. She meditates, believes we are here to learn or to teach, and she believes in reincarnation. She told me about feeling like she had been reincarnated into the same family previously. She also told me about an interesting dynamic within her family that has taken place for over a hundred years.

More than five generations has had a girl born first and almost all had a boy born second. The boy is always favored and the girls are treated badly. This dynamic was recreated in her own generation. She was the first born and she has a younger brother. She has a horrible relationship with her mother, whom she hasn’t seen in years and who now has dementia.

My friend knew about the pattern in the family early on and vowed to change it. Somehow she was able to do just that. She had only one child. A son.

The pattern would indicate that there is some unresolved issue with the souls who are choosing to inhabit the women in the family. There is something someone needs to learn and it isn’t happening. That is how I understand reincarnation.

It is a bit like school in that there are lessons. The difference is, souls have all the time in the world. So if something isn’t sinking in, they just keep coming back to repeat the lesson until it does.

I let my new friend know my thoughts and we left the restaurant to make our way back to her home. As we were crossing the street, I glanced down to find a brass key that had been in the road for a while. The surface was scratched and pitted from getting run over a few times.

I picked it up and said, “This is your key,” as I held it out to her. Understand, I had no reason to believe the key actually belonged to her. I just felt I was meant to give it to her.

Our conversation lagged a we considered the implications of that key. Neither one of us knew what it was meant to symbolize, but we both knew it was significant. The Universe had put us together and put the key in our path for a reason. We tossed around ideas about what it could mean. I decided to throw out a thought I had been working on for a while but hadn’t yet shared with anyone.

What if people with dementia had broken with this reality and they have somehow tapped into their past lives?

She paused in amazement. That explanation clicked with her. Her soul recognized the significance and she got chills up her back just thinking about it.

For whatever reason, I think she needed that bit of information to break the cycle of abuse that has been a part of her family for generations. The only question is, will she use the key in this life or will she let the cycle repeat in the next one?

If you have someone in your family who is suffering from dementia, consider that they may be tuned into other lives they have lived. If they don’t know you, it is because you were not a part of that past life. If they call you by a different name, it may have been your name in one of those other lives. Ask them about it. Sometimes the only thing needed to break a cycle is to understand what created it.

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May blessings be upon you.

Flower lit from behind so the petals glow.

Heaven as Explained by Children

Anyone who has had experiences with young children know that kids will say the most amazing things. Carol Bowman, in her book Return from Heaven quotes stunned parents who were educated about the truths of heaven by their four year-old children.

These quotes are directly from Carol Bowman’s book.

“One day when he and his father were discussing how far back he could remember, he surprised his father by announcing, “I remember when I was in heaven. I helped the dead guys.” When his father asked him what he helped them do, the boy said, “Ya know, sometimes when people die they don’t know they are dead, like when they die in car wrecks or real fast, they don’t know they’re dead. So we had to be there and wait until their soul left their body so we could help them get to heaven.”

Another child, Courtney, also four, told her parents how busy she had been in heaven.

“When you go to heaven, you have a little time to rest, kind of like a vacation, but then you have to get to work. You have to start thinking about what you have to learn in your next life. You have to start picking out your next family, one that will help you learn whatever it is you need to learn next. Heaven isn’t just a place to hang around forever. It’s not just a place to relax and kick back, you have work to do there.”

Imagine the surprise of the parents when they hear such advanced concepts coming from a child of four that may have never had any exposure to car accidents or the parent’s ideas of what heaven might be like. Bowman says almost every parent that received these gems of knowledge experience goosebumps and were surprised at a change in the normal speech patterns when the child delivered their knowledge. Almost every parent described the child as sounding much more mature than they usually sounded.

Bowman talks a lot about The Tibetan Book of the Dead which gives us another view of heaven that meshes with what other children and what people who have experienced near death experiences have described. The Book of the Dead is intended to be read to the newly deceased soul to help guide them in their new role as a disembodied spirit, a concept I believe is similar to being given last rights in the Catholic faith.

“It says that at the moment when we drop our physical bodies, the soul gains powers of clairvoyance and understands everything about the last life. The Lord of Death holds up the “Mirror of Karma,” where all deeds of the past life are faithfully reflected and revisited in minute detail. Even “places where we did no more that spit on the ground” come back with the full force of memory and consciousness, and we reexperience the emotions and intention of each of our actions. They concur that “All judgment takes place in the mind: we are both judge and judged.”

Imagine that for a moment.

Many religions teach us that upon arrival in heaven, we will will be judged by a third party, either a benevolent God or a vengeful one. But the Book of the Dead indicates we will be our only judge and that to me, rings true.

It goes to my belief that we humans know the difference between right and wrong straight from the womb. Some of us chose or are taught to ignore that instinctive knowledge and perpetrate unspeakable horrors on others, but the abuser knows its wrong on some level and hates themselves because of it. I believe this is the source of self destructive behavior.

Courtney’s statement that “You have to start picking out your next family, one that will help you learn whatever it is you need to learn next,” confirms my belief that we are here to learn something or to teach something.

These beliefs make me look at people different. Obnoxious coworkers don’t need a smack up side the head, they need patience and understanding. They need someone willing to ask why they do that thing that drives everyone nuts and to point out how the behavior impacts others so that they may learn how their behavior harms others.

People who are violent to others should not be hated. They need to be shown love and how to love. They need examples because those lessons can not be taught by books or lectures. Taking time with a person to help them make realistic changes to their behavior shows them that they are valued and worth the effort.

So look into your own Mirror of Karma right now and judge your actions and behaviors by your own sense of what is right. Examine the motivations behind your actions as well, because a good deed done for the wrong reason is not a good deed.

When you have done this, ask yourself, “What can I do to improve myself and how will I be a better example for others?”

Because when it comes down to it, we learn our behaviors from watching others. It comes down to the, “If he did it, it must be okay,” mentality.

What kind of example are you setting for the people in your life?

Find your inner peace.

Rainbow Energy

Rainbows keep popping up in my life. The Gay Pride flag is all over my Facebook page because of the Supreme Court ruling, but I’ve had rainbows in my life since I started yoga and meditation.

Yoga and meditation practitioners hear about chi or qi and prana pretty quick if they do any research at all. You’ve probably heard of the first two in relation to Feng Shui and the flow of energy through living spaces. Well, it happens that your body is a living space as well.

Chi, qi, and prana are all the same thing. Life energy. I will call it chi, because that is how I first learned of it.

Chi flows up and down the body and through channels that I think are similar to veins and arteries, but invisible to the human eye. There are seven energy centers that run up the body from the genitals to just above the top of your head. They are called chakras and have colors of the rainbow associated with each one.

In meditation, when I know I’m stressed and my chakras aren’t happy, I lay on the floor in something like the Vitruvian Man by DaVinci position.

Image of DiVinci's Vitruvian Man

By DiVinci. Image obtained from Wiki Commons

While I’m laying there, I focus for a few minutes on each color of the rainbow.

~ Red for the root chakra and feelings of security and basic survival.
~ Orange is the sacral chakra and is associated with sexuality and the sex organs.
~ Yellow represents the solar plexus where most of your will power and motivation are oriented.
~ Green is for the heart chakra where love and self love are based.
~ Blue is the throat chakra and has to do with communication.
~ Indigo represents the brow chakra located where your third eye is and governs inspiration and concentration.
~ Violet is the color for the crown chakra that focuses on your belief in a higher power.

As I focus on the chakras and the colors associated, I begin to feel a tingling. I perceive this to be the life energy freeing up and flowing through me. Depending on how stressed I am, it may take a little bit for me to feel it. It is very subtle and for some reason it usually starts in my right leg. Once I’ve run through all the colors I focus on pulling that tingly feeling up both legs and through each one of the chakras, balancing it on both sides of my body.

Sometimes when I do this, I feel a vibration or an odd feeling in the area of the chakra I’m focusing on. That tells me, I’ve got good flow though that chakra and can move on to the next. I have on occasion felt a pop associated with the chakra and actually felt it shift into alignment. It is good when that happens, but bad that I was so far out of alignment that I could perceive the adjustment.

Aligning and opening the chakras isn’t something you do once and you’re done. It is an ongoing process because knocking them out of alignment is an ongoing process. Life happens, you know. Meditation is best done on a daily basis and over the long term.

Meditation has been proven to bring about huge changes in your sense of well being and numerous health benefits. I personally believe it is the preventative and cure for most diseases, because if we tune into our bodies, we learn to listen to them when they say something is wrong. This is something modern humans don’t think they have time for.

Since I’ve been meditating, I have reduced my asthma and allergy reactions as well as my psoriasis and depressive feelings. My stress level drops along with my blood pressure. I have many more happy days and can take challenges and annoyances in stride. When I can get my heart chakra aligned, the hardest one for me, I have a sense of love and awe that feels wonderful and makes me more comfortable in my skin, because it allows me to love myself as well as others.

Just think, all those benefits from laying on the floor and thinking of rainbows.

If you are interested in more information, click on the links embedded in the text or check out these links.

Web site:
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Total Chakra Energy Plan I love this book. The model and images are beautiful.
A Handbook of Chakra Healing Lot’s of basic information. Not all if it falls into what I believe, but everyone is different. Some things resonate with me, but other things will resonate with you.

Good luck and Namaste.

Learn to trust your instincts.

The Devil’s Tools

I went to visit some friends this week and during one of our conversations I mentioned that I read Tarot cards. This morning I received an email from the friend telling me that the cards were bad and a tool of the Devil. I won’t include her email because it was intended only for me, but this is my response.

“I got this email sometime around oh-dark-thirty and have been thinking about how to respond to it since. I understand where you are coming from. Your teaching and your religion tell you that tarot cards are bad, but I like to look deeper into why people believe what they do and I question everything. Taking one source of information as the gospel truth does not and has never worked for me. I prefer to educated myself and get my own interpretations.

I read that part of the Bible that was mentioned in your link and several others.

As I mentioned to your husband, I have a problem with the Bible because it has been edited for content. Read about the history of the Bible here. It’s fascinating. The King James version was printed in 1611 and edited in the 1700s. There are other books that were left out by man and destroyed by history. The Book of Mary is only one example.

First. Tarot cards are not mentioned in the Bible. They didn’t exist when the original papers were written by Abraham. In fact they didn’t come around until the middle of the 1400s. They were playing cards for a game called Trumps of the Tarot. They are first mentioned in detail in the mid 1400s by an Italian Friar that didn’t like the fact that people were playing the game. They were not used for divination at that time, they were used as we use playing cards.

Second, you have been told that the cards are a tool of the Devil, but that is in the teachings of your religion, not mine. As an absence of light is darkness, and absence of heat is cold, I believe an absences of The Divine is the Devil.

I don’t use the cards to tell fortunes, I use the cards to ask for guidance. To light the path God has put me on so that I know what direction he wants me to go. I have never at any time, felt the cards were evil or bad and I am sensitive to things like that. An ax is not evil, but the person who uses it to harm another is. The cards are a tool just as the ax is.

The Bible has been used as a tool for evil and yet you referenced it as a thing to be obeyed. The Crusades and the Reformation are distant examples, but more current ones are all over the television. Oppression of women is a big one in my mind.

You mentioned using the cards to speak to spirits. The Bible mentions speaking to spirits repeatedly, mostly the spirit of God and if I am asking for guidance from that spirit, can the cards be bad?

The Tarot are chocked full of religious symbols of many religions. The obvious Christian ones are the Hierophant or Pope which represents “conventional wisdom about religion and philosophy in our time.” The Chariot which shows the “Christian Soldier” or person fighting a spiritual battle. The Lovers shows the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve and represents “the choice for love and harmony, but it also represents the choice for spiritual knowledge.”

Christians find the Devil card offensive, and yet you can’t have the Devil without God, because there must always be a balance in nature. The Devil card symbolizes being bound to ignorance, addiction and the path to darkness. In the Judgment card, Gabriel is blowing the horn from Revelations. Every Ace depicts the hand of God holding something out and represents a new beginning. The hand of God shows up in other cards as well.

The Death card is number 13 and represents dramatic change. Thirteen is also significant in Christianity. After all, there were twelve disciples and Jesus. The Tower which is also perceived as a negative, represents the tearing down of assumptions and preconceived beliefs “or having the rug pulled out from under you.” I have learned that this is not a bad thing. Resisting change and denying reality are and lead to pain and suffering.

The Hanged Man has a radiance around his head and represents changed perceptions or getting a new perspective. Many think he represents Jesus though he is hung upside down.

Many of these symbols are also Jewish as their belief system comes from the Old Testement. There are other Jewish symbols represented as well. These show up mostly in yods which appear in a large number of the cards. Yods are “drops of light from heaven. They represent the life force, and they come from Jewish tradition.” Representations of Egyptian symbols as well as Greek and Roman gods appear, too.

Also, I would like to point out, Abraham wrote the first books of the Bible 1500 years ago. Man has been around for millions of years. God has been around since the beginning.

So how did we know God before the Bible? How did we know the Divine before other men started telling us what God said to them?

We knew our Divine by looking inside. Because that is where he lives. Inside all of us. There is a significance in the fact that the words instinct, insight, and introspection start with “in”. As with people, you can’t know them until you’ve talked to them yourself. So why would I take the word of others as to the nature of the Divine?

I don’t look to the outside world to find what is right. I know what is right. It’s inside me, just as it is inside you. The light is inside all of us, if we’d stop rushing around with our worldly “needs” long enough to tune in.

In order to hear The Divine though, we can’t be stressed or tired. And we have to listen. That means turning off all the distractions; the TV, radio, and background racket of other people. It means spending time alone with Divine creations, not man made ones.

As I’ve said, your religion is different from mine. If you want to talk about tools of evil, let’s talk about the TV.”