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Find your inner peace.

Rainbow Energy

Rainbows keep popping up in my life. The Gay Pride flag is all over my Facebook page because of the Supreme Court ruling, but I’ve had rainbows in my life since I started yoga and meditation.

Yoga and meditation practitioners hear about chi or qi and prana pretty quick if they do any research at all. You’ve probably heard of the first two in relation to Feng Shui and the flow of energy through living spaces. Well, it happens that your body is a living space as well.

Chi, qi, and prana are all the same thing. Life energy. I will call it chi, because that is how I first learned of it.

Chi flows up and down the body and through channels that I think are similar to veins and arteries, but invisible to the human eye. There are seven energy centers that run up the body from the genitals to just above the top of your head. They are called chakras and have colors of the rainbow associated with each one.

In meditation, when I know I’m stressed and my chakras aren’t happy, I lay on the floor in something like the Vitruvian Man by DaVinci position.

Image of DiVinci's Vitruvian Man

By DiVinci. Image obtained from Wiki Commons

While I’m laying there, I focus for a few minutes on each color of the rainbow.

~ Red for the root chakra and feelings of security and basic survival.
~ Orange is the sacral chakra and is associated with sexuality and the sex organs.
~ Yellow represents the solar plexus where most of your will power and motivation are oriented.
~ Green is for the heart chakra where love and self love are based.
~ Blue is the throat chakra and has to do with communication.
~ Indigo represents the brow chakra located where your third eye is and governs inspiration and concentration.
~ Violet is the color for the crown chakra that focuses on your belief in a higher power.

As I focus on the chakras and the colors associated, I begin to feel a tingling. I perceive this to be the life energy freeing up and flowing through me. Depending on how stressed I am, it may take a little bit for me to feel it. It is very subtle and for some reason it usually starts in my right leg. Once I’ve run through all the colors I focus on pulling that tingly feeling up both legs and through each one of the chakras, balancing it on both sides of my body.

Sometimes when I do this, I feel a vibration or an odd feeling in the area of the chakra I’m focusing on. That tells me, I’ve got good flow though that chakra and can move on to the next. I have on occasion felt a pop associated with the chakra and actually felt it shift into alignment. It is good when that happens, but bad that I was so far out of alignment that I could perceive the adjustment.

Aligning and opening the chakras isn’t something you do once and you’re done. It is an ongoing process because knocking them out of alignment is an ongoing process. Life happens, you know. Meditation is best done on a daily basis and over the long term.

Meditation has been proven to bring about huge changes in your sense of well being and numerous health benefits. I personally believe it is the preventative and cure for most diseases, because if we tune into our bodies, we learn to listen to them when they say something is wrong. This is something modern humans don’t think they have time for.

Since I’ve been meditating, I have reduced my asthma and allergy reactions as well as my psoriasis and depressive feelings. My stress level drops along with my blood pressure. I have many more happy days and can take challenges and annoyances in stride. When I can get my heart chakra aligned, the hardest one for me, I have a sense of love and awe that feels wonderful and makes me more comfortable in my skin, because it allows me to love myself as well as others.

Just think, all those benefits from laying on the floor and thinking of rainbows.

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Good luck and Namaste.