About Me

“I’m not crazy, I’m just nuts.”

My dad used to use that phrase. He was bipolar and the squirrels watched him a lot, but they couldn’t figure out how to¬†get him up the tree.

This little nut didn’t fall far from the family tree. I don’t believe I have bipolar disorder, despite what my father would tell me when he went into his manic phase. I have, at various times, suffered from severe depression. I realize now why I suffered. Because I needed to learn a lesson in life so I could move on to the next phase and some days, months, and years I can be a bit slow.

I hope by posting to this blog that I can make your lessons easier and less painful to learn. I began this phase of my life with the post titled Constructive Discontent. So, if you want to start at the beginning, there it is. At least for this phase.

I’m not right in the head.

Or maybe I am and the rest of the world isn’t.

I see things. Not ghosts, though I know they exist. No, I see connections and how one thing leads to another and that thing leads to another. Some people call that being a three move chess player. I suck at chess, but then I’ve never played much.

I see how the world is and where it’s going. I know there’s a better way. Most of the time I can see that better way and how to get to it, but first I have to get some help. That is why I started this site. To open other people’s eyes to my vision of our future.

Society is messed up. But society is made up of individuals and I’ve noticed those individuals feel powerless to change anything or worse, they want to change things, but are waiting for permission.

So many times bright outlooks are met with negativity and discouragement, dimming the light and crushing the soul. I discuss this in the post titled Ancient Dilemma.

The Pictures

None of the images on this site have been altered in any way other than to crop them and apply the words. I explain why in the post titled Enough and Nothing More.

Every one of the floral images are from plants mostly in my neighbor’s yards. They are plants you see everyday, I’m just making you take a closer look at them, so you see them. Most people go through life in such a whirl, they never see what is right in front of them. Slow down. Notice the details and it will change how you see your world.

Some of the images are available for free if you want to copy and paste them, but if you want to help me make the changes this world needs, please consider buying from my shop.