Hate and Discontent

A while back, I was out process serving, what I call spreading hate and discontent and had some turned back on me.

When I serve someone, I get followed on occasion, but for the most part I leave people on their porch trying to figure out what just happened. The few times I’ve had people follow me, it’s almost always been men. Angry men.

One of those men was in a blue bath towel. That’s how he answered the door. In a blue bath towel and fresh from the shower. He wasn’t bad looking and it had been a while since I’d had the chance to examine a naked male chest, so I was enjoying my job right up until I held the papers out and he got a look at them.

He went from Flirty Naked Guy to Scary Naked Guy in the blink of an eye. He yelled at me and slammed the door in my face and caught the papers in the jam. I counted them as served and headed toward my car. He noticed the papers and snatched open the door before I got very far. Then he came after me. In his bath towel.

This alarmed me and I was no longer enjoying my job.

Angry Naked Guy stalked out into his yard and caught up with me halfway to my car. He ordered me to leave his property, something I was already trying to do. But with him hard on my heels I turned to face the threat. This made him angrier. He screamed at me. I tried to explain that I was only the deliverer, but I couldn’t get a word in edgewise. So I got calm.

I have to be the single most annoying woman ever when it comes to arguing. I get calmer the more worked up someone else gets. There he was, a slender, formerly attractive male screaming at me in front of God and everyone as he desperately tried to keep his towel up.

There I was being annoyingly calm and contemplating what I’m going to grab first should he throw his towel to the wind and attack me. I like to think I appeared unfazed by his behavior.

He handed me the papers and I took them. He screamed an order for me to get off his property. Until he got away from me, I was not turning my back on him, so I just let him scream. Angry Naked Guy turned and stalked back toward the house in his bath towel, apparently satisfied with his hissy fit or maybe just embarrassed.

I dropped the papers and scurried to my car. It was still a good serve whether he liked it or not.

He did not like it.

He saw what I did and rounded on me, grabbing up the papers and following me. By this time, I’d made it to my car and he tossed threats as he made a point of getting my license number. I didn’t peel out, but I did pulled away rapidly and made a mental note to check with the DMV about getting my address removed from my record.

All this excitement didn’t really phase me. I continued with my route and spread the hate and discontent on to others.