The Dishes Are Breeding

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I am a chronic procrastinator. I believe ninety-nine percent of the population would claim procrastinator status. The other one percent has broken with reality and does not know they are procrastinators. I thought you might like reading my survival log. At times it is just funny. At other times it is a cautionary tale.

12-23-14 I apologize for getting this started and then stopping. I realized that The Procrastinator’s Survival Log should be a book and I got worried about copyright issues. I am spending the Christmas holidays working on the copy editing, query, and proposal. It is my goal to send it to some publishing houses to see what kind of interest I can get in January.

If you would be interested in picking up a copy, if and when it gets printed, leave a comment. I have self confidence issues so I need all the encouragement I can get.

01-24-15 I sent my submission off and will have to wait the better part of two months to see what happens with it. I changed the name from Procrastinator’s Survival Log to The Dishes Are Breeding because people thought it was a self help book. I’ll keep you up to date on the results.

2 thoughts on “The Dishes Are Breeding

  1. Doc Venture

    Very well done, can’t wait to read it. BTW, I believe you have a lot of self-confidence.

    1. leadnut Post author

      Thank you Doc. I’m sorry I didn’t notice this comment earlier. I liked chatting with you.

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