Find the Address!

The life of a process server can, at times, be challenging. Finding an address should be as simple as programming the GPS and driving to it, but in many cases, that is not enough. I play ‘Can You Find The House Number?’ all the time, but here is your chance to play with me.

We will start with a slight complication. While out serving, I was having trouble finding the house I was looking for. The numbers on the houses didn’t match the numbers on my paper. The first time, I chalked it up to a bad address and made a note to check it with the USPS website to make sure it existed. It did, so I went back in better light and knocked on a couple doors trying to figure out where the house might be.

I still couldn’t find it and ended up going back a third time.

Then I noticed this.


This is a real street sign in Independence, MO at the intersection of East 34th Street South and East 34th Street South. I found the house I was looking for, but not the person, they had moved. Three trips + little money = unhappy process server.

There are apartment complexes in the area that I swear were designed by a deranged squirrel on crack. The layouts look like someone threw a bunch of Legos on the table and said, ‘Use this as a template for the complex’.

I have no idea how they expect the police or fire department to find the address within these complexes before people die, but I know it never entered their drug addled squirrel minds that people might need to find these places in a hurry.


This is one of them. The complex is pretty nice, but they could make a lot of lives easier if they had marked the buildings better or at least provided a map.

Do you see the building number? I would like to point out that this image was taken from the middle of the approximately three feet where the sign was visible from the road. I drove by it twice before I stopped and asked someone and I’ve been in the complex before.

How about now?

How about now?

That’s all we are going to play for today, but please join me again for another rousing game of ‘Can You Find the House Number?’

Go out and check your house numbers. Can they be seen clearly from the road? Do you need to have a million candle flashlight to see the dark numbers on the dark siding? Do you have house numbers? Go check. Your life or that of a loved one could depend on it.