Gun Nuts

Gun target with bullet holes.
The big holes are .40 cal at fifty yards with a sub-compact, so don’t give me lip about the grouping. Frankly, I was surprised I hit paper. LOL

I would love to be a gun nut, but it isn’t in the cards.

Guns and ammo are expensive and I’m always broke. Unless I take up a criminal enterprise or work more, I can’t get more guns or ammo and I do not want to work more or be a criminal. Criminal activity is inconvenient, what with getting arrested and shot at. So is working for that matter and for almost the same reasons.

Gun nutty people are cool and fun to play with, though. They are also generous. When I ask if a gun nut wants to go to the range with me, the answer is always yes. So when I feel the need to channel my inner gun nut, I call someone for a play date.

My gun loving friends supply the guns and the ammo for those guns and they never go to the range with only one. This is important to me. After all, the more toys, the better the play date, right? Someone willing to provide is a wonderful friend in my book and always will be.

If you use this method to channel your inner gun nut, I should warn you about a potential negative aspect. If your gun nutty friend has to transfer the weapons from one vehicle to another it may appear that they are gearing up to invade a small (or large) nation. This can make the neighbors nervous. Nervous neighbors call the cops.

Cops are cool though. Just keep your hands away from the guns until they establish you and your friend are merely a couple of gun nuts on the way to the range and not a dangerous type of nut. Be sure to get the officer’s card, you can invite them to the range for a play date, too.

So, if you’re a gun nut and willing to share, send me a message and I will add you to my list of potential play dates.

May you shoot safe, straight and often.