Focus on your dreams to make them your reality.

Fund the Dream

I’ve been doing some focused meditation lately. My biggest concern right now is how to fund my initial wander. As with anything, start up is pricey, but once I have that taken care of, I can pretty much coast from there. I won’t need much once I’m on the road. My overhead will be little more than vehicle maintenance, gas, and food, but I still need some kind of money coming in to buy those things. Something that doesn’t interfere with all my other plans and needs.

Yesterday, I focused on how to make money doing what I want to do with the things I already have. Like a good little Google Girl, I turned to the internet and entered, “How can I sell my art?”

A YouTube video popped up about selling at art fairs. I’ve done fairs and booths before, but they are problematic. First, I can’t handle summer heat and most of the craft and art fairs are held during the melt-your-face-off time of the year.

Face melting is a major deterrent, and they have other problems. Finding out when and where they are, paying a booth fee, creating the display, doing the set up by myself, tearing down alone when I’m exhausted, and not selling anything because everyone is there to look, not buy. These issues do not make art fairs fun.

Also, I’m planning on living in a ten by six foot box. Where would I keep my stock and supplies?

I watched the video for about three minutes and started looking for something else. The Divine provided it in the form of the next link I clicked.

It was a YouTube video about how an artist can be prosperous by The Abundant Artist. It was exactly what I needed and it didn’t just tell people that it was possible. In under an hour, they explained exactly how to do it in simple steps and better yet, most of the steps I had already completed.

Step one was to create awesome art. I’d like to think my pictures are awesome and I’ve gotten compliments from people I wouldn’t have expected to be into my stuff, so I checked that one off.

Step two and three was to create a website and a blog. You’re reading it so, done and done.

Step four was to get an email list started, one people can request to be added to. That is something I haven’t done, but they told me how.

Step five was to set up an online gallery. This step I’ve tried to do a couple times, but nothing was working for me. Over the past weeks, I spent day’s working on my website gallery and I just couldn’t figure it out. I knew there was a reason for that. It is how the Divine tells me I’m on the wrong path. So, I set my ideas aside hoping for some kind of guidance.

It came in the form of Michelle, in the video, mentioning a website called I was familiar with that site. Years ago I came across it and liked the way it was set up.

I did a little more digging and found that was exactly what I wanted. They print on demand, and will custom frame and ship the art directly to the purchaser. They also print greeting cards, throw pillows, duvets, tote bags and cell phone covers.

The Universe makes things easy when you’re on the right path. I noticed had a short code to plug into my page. Poof, and my shop is done.

Now that I have managed to create my gallery, I’d like to invite you to wander through it. I will be uploading pictures over the next few days and my stock will expand greatly as I travel. Every purchase of my images, goes to funding my dream. So please, feel free to look around and I hope you see something you just have to buy.

Just out of curiosity, how many days away is Christmas?