If it causes stress let it go.

Dropping Weight

I got up this morning and decided to weigh myself. This, in the past, has been a disappointing experience and inclined to set me up for a touch of depression.

Not this morning though. This morning I had dropped ten pounds. Ten pounds in seven days to be exact. HaPpY dAnCe!

I can hear your thoughts, “Oh, that’s bad. She probably has diabetes or something.”

No I don’t. What I do have in insight or as I prefer to write it In-sight. I’ve learned to listen to my body, to hear the messages it has been trying to get through for years. You know, those ones we are taught to ignore or to consider bad.

Over the past week I have noticed several things. One, I am drinking huge amount of water. Two, I have been feeling energized and optimistic. Three, I’m sweating more. Four, my diet has changed and not because of any conscious effort on my part. Five, I’m getting out of the house for daily walks. Sometimes two. Six, I’m ignoring the clock.

I’ll take these one at a time.

Water. I realized last week that I had increased my water consumption. It wasn’t anything intentional on my part, I just became aware of it. I thought about it and my first thought was, “Of course. I have to wash the toxins out.”

Those first thoughts are key. They are the purest. After that, influences from outside start tainting things.

Energized and optimistic. I have broken free from the cycle I’ve been living. The cycle of fear, depression, and helplessness. I have hope. Naturally, I’m going to be energized.

Sweat. It’s summer. I’m drinking more water, I’m going to sweat. But it also indicates my metabolism is up. I’m also moving more, with daily walks, yoga, and the photographic wanders. I’m burning fat, so I’m going to sweat.

Diet. I’ve done this before. When I go though these periods of meditation and In-sight, my diet changes. I stop eating out all together. I notice the foods I do choose are few ingredients and no chemicals. Simple, natural, and healthy. They are not labeled that way. They just are.

Walking. The walks give me time to think, to make connections I normally wouldn’t have time to make. This blog is another way I do that. Things come to me while I’m writing and while I’m walking and they just make sense. I accept them as fact and figure out how this new information changes my perspective on things.

Clocks. This will be addressed in the next post it got too big for this one.

All of these things reduce my stress and I’ve been dropping weight from my shoulders that happens to be showing up on the scale.

What little bits of stress can you drop?

I have turned off the comments section. The spam was one stress I didn’t need.

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