Break away from what you were. Become what you are meant to be.

Enough and Nothing More

Everyday, I get a new lesson. The method varies, but many times it seems to be the writing of these posts. When I sit down to write, things come into focus.

This is how the lesson came to me today.

I have been taking a lot of pictures lately and have been using both the JPG and RAW setting on my camera. My thought process when I started this, was that I would keep the RAW so I could make changes to it later, but I used the JPG images to create the inspirational posts because I can crop them in MS Paint.

RAW files are huge and each one uses up tons of memory. I filled up my SD cards and have been thinking about buying more. Then I went through one of the SDs to free memory for today’s photos and realized I don’t need more SD cards. I need to clear what I will never use and change the settings so I only take only what I need.

When I create the images you see on this site, I don’t alter anything. I use MS paint to crop and write the words. I decided at some point that I would not alter them in any other way. I want the image pure and free of the meddlesome hand of man.

I’ve thought about buying an image editing software so I can watermark the images and fancy up the script, but a meditation message from last week keeps coming back to me.

Enough and nothing more.

This message came to me before I started the posts. It is what started all of this. It was my divine spark.

I have enough to do the job The Universe has given me. I have enough knowledge, skills, and resources to change the world for the better with what I already have. I don’t need to buy anything. It doesn’t need to be bigger, better, fancier. I need to use what I have.

What amazes me when I make the inspirational images is that when I start out, what I want usually isn’t want I need.

Today, I wanted an image that said, “What you need is inside you.” I have a sweet potato that is sprouting on the table. I’ve never done anything with it except move it to the table where it would get more light. I glanced at it while I was writing and thought the potato was a perfect metaphor for what I wanted to get across.

I carted the spud outside and took some pictures of it. I wasn’t happy with the lighting. The sun is shining today and the images I capture are best done when it is cloudy.

I also wasn’t happy with the background. I moved that potato around looking for a less cluttered background. I finally settled on a spot and snapped the pictures. Four to be exact.

This is one of them.


I don’t care for the image. It is over exposed and the potato doesn’t stand out the way I wanted it too. So I checked the other images.

This one came closer to what I wanted.

Close up of a sprouting potato.

It shows the growth I wanted to portray but, I was still dissatisfied. It’s an uninspired image of a potato. Big woop.

I opened the JPG in Paint to see if it could be salvaged and gasped. This is what showed up on my screen.

Click on the image to get the full effect.

very close picture of a new sweet potato leaf. Back lit.

Click the image.

When you make little things big, miracles happen.

I scrolled around the image and found what I was looking for. I always do when I look closer. What I thought I wanted was bigger. What I needed was minuscule by comparison, but it was exactly what I wanted. Enough.

I’ve been doing that with my life. Seeing the details. Those details are what makes up the whole.

If you are unhappy with your life. Look at it and see, not what you think is there, but what actually is.