Let go and live.

Let Go and Live

I got up today with pain in my neck and shoulders. Something about the way I slept, I guessed. I worked a rough shift last night and went to bed exhausted, so it made sense. It was now three in the afternoon and as I stared at my coffee pot, I wondered, “Should I treat this like morning and do my daily ritual?”

I decided that I would and made myself a cup of coffee while I contemplated taking some Ibuprofen. I opted out of the pills and tried a little yoga. It made me hurt more so I stopped. I turned to the ritual I have developed over the past week.

A minute later I was sitting on the porch in my spot, drinking coffee, and looking at my notebook. That notebook is just a cheap stenography pad, but I’ve been making notes in it. Notes about my future. The one I want, not the one my brain wants me to settle for.

I flipped back to the first page and scanned each one as I went. I use this to get me thinking about my future instead of my now. As I did so, I noticed my pain easing.

I glanced up and studied a shrub next to the walk. Yesterday, I had taken some pictures of it after a rain. A thunder storm had just passed and it occurred to me that I might be able to get some better, or at least different, shots for use in my inspirational pictures.

I abandoned my coffee and grabbed my camera. I took a few pictures of that shrub, then looked for other bits of beauty to capture with my lens. I don’t know how long I took pictures, but the pain went away. I thought about it. One thought lead to many others and I came to the realization that it wasn’t the way I was sleeping that made my body hurt. It is the way I’ve been living.

The Divine was muted when I got up and I had noticed. As I looked for my next picture, the messages were coming through clearer.

When I got up, I had been thinking about my job. The parts I don’t like. The ones that make me cringe when I think about having to do them. I already decided that I am going to give up parts of it which will mean less money in the short term, but it will also mean less stress, annoyance, and complaints.

Letting go will allow me to focus on this blog and creating a web store where you can buy my images. I put off making the commitment yesterday. I though my perspective would be different in the morning. It wasn’t.

The changed needs to happen. I know this but, it scares me. Thanks to Dr. Robert Cooper, I know the fear is the part of my brain that was wired by my ancient ancestors. I can’t switch it off, but I can refocus my attention to ignore Ug and Grunt’s negative view of the world.

So today, I am going to let go of what hurts me and live my life without the pain.

Take one minute right now to think about your life. Is the way you are living causing you pain? What do you need to let go of to make the pain stop?